The demand of natural products for food and pharmaceuticals was increased but the supply was not stable and sufficient.  TWBIO is a biotechnology company, who focuses on the development of a “Next Generation Bio-factory”. We build healthy probiotics cells as micro-factories for production of high-valuable compounds for supplements, medicals, and animal health. It is a faster, more economical, and safe way for a sustainable industry. The first product is astaxanthin, which is a super antioxidant with high potential in supplement markets, and it is also essential for improving the appearance and thus the market value of the salmon fish.  We learn from nature to design perfect probiotics to benefit the world and match the market demand, leading the industrial revolution.

Nowadays, there is much interest in using microorganism cell factories to produce natural products, which include metabolites, proteins, fuels, drugs, or food. TWBIO has intellectual properties of special probiotics strains and the know-how formula of high-value products production. TWBIO also has extensive experiences in the scaling-up product production by fermentation, once the perfect cell factories were designed. The following patented and proprietary technologies are employed to develop a sustainable bio-factory and state of the art fermentation and downstream process. The prototype of commercialized astaxanthin products, CaroRED and CaroFarm, is in the current TWBIO pipeline.